September 2019


Developer and product manager


A project to add practice chemistry problems and written answers (versus answers given via video) to ClutchPrep's ExamReview tool.

The latest improvement to ExamReview included incorporating written solutions (or text solutions) to practice problems. We had created plenty of videos showing these solutions, but over time, we developed processes to answer student chemistry questions much quicker. This new process helped us leverage the new content to answer professor-recommended solutions picked from previous exams.


Sketch: Hand-drawn sketch conveying the idea of text solutions to practice problems.


Overview of a multiple-choice question flow


Image: Overview of a simple text solution

A big collaboration for this project was with my CTO, since he better understood the relevant limitations. He knew components used across multiple products and how to ensure that we could design them with a slow rollout. His insight helped us create a new component type with a fixed set of limitations that was easily adaptable for different interfaces.


We ended up making the text explanation a component used by other products across the app



Though this project taught me small lessons over time, my overall takeaways at this point were:

  1. Communication with different team members involved with the project is important.
  2. Communication touchpoints with teams throughout the process are equally important in order to understand how design changes will impact their workflows.
  3. Documenting throughout the process is essential.
  4. Wireframes are important ways to communicate your vision easily by other stakeholders.
  5. Flow diagrams are almost essential when creating interactions because they will help you uncover all the possible use-cases of the project.