Iterative Improvements (November 2017 - September 19)


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ExamReviews is a tool designed to prepare students for their exams with multiple-choice questions coordinating with their exam topics.

The product started with a set of 20 schools' exams, from which we handpicked questions for our users to study. We eventually included questions from exams from colleges and universities across the U.S. We even used a textbook exam review for schools whose courses we don't directly cover.

First: An exam review in September 2017

Second: An exam review in September 2019 following my updates


Progressive Updates

The product was updated and improved based on user feedback and usage data. Here are the improvements in reverse chronological order:

  1. Text solutions (September 2019)
  2. Feedback update (February 2019)
  3. Analytics (August 2018)
  4. Textbook exam reviews (July 2018)
  5. Navigation (November 2017)



As we started scaling our engine for written solutions (text solutions), the benefits of including text questions the day before an exam as they are created the day became clear.



The project was focused on gathering student feedback while students were going through their exam reviews to better understand their expectations and results.



The project focused on expert users who spend hours working on their exam reviews to better understand their exam performance and areas they should concentrate on.


Textbook Exam Reviews

This project focused on scaling our product offering to more schools and sections across the country by offering exam reviews based on the class textbooks instead of their specific classroom.



The project aimed to redefine the navigation based on the mental model of students instead of the tutors who taught these systems.