Design, Code & Ship quality products

Sidharath (Sid) Chhatani is a product designer born & raised in India and currently living in Miami.

Working as the first designer at Clutch Prep, he's had the privilege of setting up a design process, from research to deployment. 

Previously, he has worked at FarmLogs as a product design intern & a freelancing developer in India.



Hey, I’m a product designer.

I design interfaces that improve

conversions & retention.

01 − UI/UX Designer

Clutch Prep − Netflix, for your science textbook

Role: Product Designer

For Clutch Prep, I created a design system that allowed the design & development process to be more streamlined. Worked on multiple features from conception to deployment. The design work comprised broad set of work including user research, wireframing, prototyping, front-end development, email marketing.

02 − Product Design Internship

FarmLogs − Powerful software for running a modern farm. Plan, monitor & market from any device

Role: Product Designer

FarmLogs, was a B2B product aimed at farmers who would employ technology to increase the yield of their farms. The worked comprised of designing a feature that allowed farmers on free accounts to preview the paid product on a short trail period.