User Model

This is an entry for one of the class SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Testing, our client for the project is JSTOR and we are analyzing their Register & Read Product. The following are the personas we ended up making for the class after our interviews with different types customers which we identified for the "Register & Read" functionality of JSTOR.

Persona number one Persona number two Persona number three

Executive Summary

Our report summarizes the key insights discovered through our research of JSTOR’s Register & Read product. JSTOR is a leading digital library that offers access to academic journals, books, and primary sources. The Register & Read program is part of their initiative to increase public access to research materials. The program has not reached the level of success expected, so they are interested in evaluating the onboarding process and reading experience to discover opportunities to improve the user experience.

The target users are independent researchers who are currently not affiliated with a university. In total, we conducted five interviews; one with a retired professor, and four with professionals with a PhD or Master’s degrees. Target users were recruited through social media and screened based on their experience with scholarly research, current access to digital libraries, and interest in academia. Throughout the interviews, we focused on discovering details about the users’ needs, values, attitudes, and behaviors towards and during scholarly research. Each interview was conducted via Skype and lasted one hour.

After analyzing our interviews, we were able to discover several key insights:

Based on these findings, we have four key recommendations: