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Project Overview

Teachers' Prototype

Speakers' Prototype


We are always facing the big issue of making education more relevant and interesting in this fast paced world, where showing reasoning behind everything has become increasingly important. Students want to know why they are learning things and how is it going to enable them to do this they can. One of the solutions is bringing people who have gone through school and are working in the roles that uses skills learnt during their schooling.

What’s the issue

The solution might seem straight forward but there are layers of issues behind this. First, the administration in all schools has left all the responsibility on the shoulders of the already busy teachers. Second, the teachers themselves don’t have a huge network to invite a journalist or a astronomer working in the industry. Lastly, the guest lecturers who are traveling to these school are charging extensive amounts of money because they have to travel and are spending their day in travel and transport to talk to these students.

This research had allowed us to understand the different people involved in the process, and I was ready to talk these people and learn how can we make this situation better.



Teachers would love if they can find guest lecturers on demand and in some way document what the students are learning because the administration needs that process.


Speakers are busy all day and would if they can spend only an hour or two preparing and talking to the class, they care about the social aspect but their time is important as well.



Before we started making the website it was important to understand how a user would go throguh the website. It was necessary to map out the big picture because that would reveal the number a steps required to reach the final goal of using the application.