Final Product Video


Aro, was the product created in response to the challenge set by Integrated product development to design a wearable technology. In this project I will discuss the work our team did, and my role in particular for making this a successful effort.

How we started

The challenge was to create a wearable with works likes and looks like model. The caused some issues because there wasn't a defined area of work rather it directed what the solution should incorporate, leading us to research in a lot of directions.

I spend time observing and researchig classroom settings to find places where we could implement a piece of technology, whose form factor was that of a wearable. The initial research suggested that besides attendance, there wasn't much scope for having need of any complicated technology for helping with education itself.

After our initial rounds of interviews and observation, we tried looking where we could insert wearable device. In other words, we had the "what" but not the "why" behind it. This lead us to go back to the drawing board and look at the needs we uncovered during our initial research.

My role was the lead the discussion around, why of the different areas that we were concentrating on. This was a important milestone because this helped us pivot and narrow down to a cause we cared about. This was for us ensuring road safety for riders.

Where did we go

Our initial research had 5 main domains of work we discovered and most of our research was in the area of road safety for bikers and runners, with common problems being visibility and road safety.

What we made

We did some conjoin analysis to figure out what are the main features that we need to address, and came pondered over “How might we make roads safer for bicyclist to ride on”. This lead us to our initial rounds of research, and the idea was on deciding how the user journey would look like and how can we make it different from what already exists in the market.

The major role for me in the conjoint analysis was assisting in the different concept cards for the multiple ideas we had around features and costing, to understand what a possible customer would be willing to spend.


The first form factor we developed was a wearable that could be attached to the glove allow people to use it with any existing wearable they might be using, but the testing revealed that people felt the form factor was huge along with the feel of the fabric and how the strap was designed, this led to a few rounds of iteration. In parallel, the branding and the marketing of the wearable had to be constructed, which looked at something below.


The feedback from the users lead rounds of testing and iteration, both with respect to the form factor and how the functionality would work. The app that was to be designed had to based on the features the hardware could provide, so finalizing on that was a necessary step. We made the triangle of estimation to understand how far we could stretch ourselves in terms of the resources we had and finalized the features based on our deadlines. So that other resources could be placed in order.

My role, was primarly around testing the usability of the product itself, letting people wear it. Along with application to be made around it which allows people to experience how they would actually use it


The brand had to reflect what the product represents, both with respect to being safe and allowing people to engage in outdoor adventure, this was reflected in our logo by making it closely take the physical form factor of an Arrow.

Branding was another beast that I managed, taking into consideration that I had to generate materials for everything, from website to app & other physical materials.

Initial Logo Concepts

Second Iteration of Logo Concepts

Final Iteration of the Logo

Branding reflected in other marketing materials


The website had constraints of being one pager and working without any server side technologies. Given those constraints, the website was designed to be more like landing page, explaining the features and a video showcasing our product.

Aro: Website

My role included the all the responsibility to design the website and code it as well. The content was provided by the team and the website carried the branding that I had earlier developed in the process

The Team

The final product was presented both in an online and a physical trade show, and of all the products designed, Aro made the highest amount of profit, because the users actual saw a need being addressed both with the physical product and the ability to easily find their way home.

At the end, all the individual effort that we put came together as a team and was only possible because of our collaboration, and willing to make a great product