14th Dec

Blame me Boy

Song #61 - Curly Jefferson

Continuing the tracks with some rare music here is another delight by Curly Jefferson, filled with retro feels. The music is really calm and is a perfect fit for a lounge like environment, you can find more of his music @ [Soundcloud][1]

5th Dec

Two Ants

Song #60 - Looppark

The song was somehow listed in the funny category of . The song surely brings out a lot of emotions, the Japanese artist has some other great works too, find him on soundcloud.

1st Dec

Manali Trance

Song #59

The song was a huge hit at my brother's party, probably the last time I would dancing with my family before leaving. The song is quiet captivating, specially if you are high, the trance will get you.

14th Nov

Exporting to XLS in Laravel 4

Using Packages

Another common task a CMS developer will be faced with is exporting the database tables to CSV or XLS. This task can be easily handled in Laravel, thanks to a brilliant package made by [Maatwebsite][1]. ## Installing the package The process is simple just like any other package. In your compos...

14th Nov

jQuery Cropper with Laravel

Making a Image Cropper

Today, a client requirement to make a cropping tool for images came and to solve this, I used [jQuery Cropper][1] and [Intervention Image][2] for resizing the images after they were cropped. ## Installing Intervention Image The process is simple and straight forward, just run the ``` composer...

9th Nov

Heavenly Father

Song #58 - Bon Iver

## Wish I was here The movie is a master piece, mainly due to the soundtrack that it has, which is placed in the very key moments and enhances the emotion created by the actors. This same kind of emotion is created in the "Hunger Games" movie series and "House M.D" TV Series as well. The song...

8th Nov

Redesigning my Website

The struggle is real

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. -Winston Churchill ## Changes Added a Article hover effect for single blog posts, the effect is quiet simple, the text color changes, sub title transitions in and opacity is changed form 0 to 1. Added a Read...

5th Oct

Raat Gaey

Song #57 - Zoeviccaji (Coke Studio)