24th Mar

Kingdom (feat. Simon Le Bon)

Song #68 - Charli XCX

The song is from Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1, there is this part in the song when it all goes slow and then the music takes it you in a different zone altogether. I hope...

19th Mar

Early Morning Breeze

Song #67 - Dolly Patron

This song comes after watching the short Film *** Leonard in Slow Motion ***, the movie is brilliant in itself with a brilliant concept and video layering style used, you must the watch it to understand the awesomeness of technology

15th Mar

Moving ahead

Updates this week

> “When you're going through hell, keep going.” > - Winston Churchill This week had a lot of learning involved and a lot of panic situations, from attending day long meetings to giving sessions on gamification the whole thing was something new. Accompanied with this was my new personal running...

11th Mar

Adding Syntax Highlighting to your website

Blogging Code

So today I encountered a problem that many might have faced already, while blogging code is that there is no default syntax highlighting and it was completely spoiled when using `normalize.css`. ## Syntax Highlighter My first preference was using the [Syntax Highligher](http://alexgorbatchev....

11th Mar

Laravel 5.0 & TDD Environment with Laravel Elixir

Blogging Code

# Setting up Testing Environment for Laravel 5.0 The best part of working with Laravel is that most of the things are already setup like ```phpunit``` and ```laravel/elixir```. These are the things we'll need to automate test in the environment. We still have to do some tweaks to make things runn...

10th Mar

Fix You

Song #66 - Coldplay - Four Tet Remix

# Fix You Probably not the firt time, the band has posted a remix of their celebrated song "Fix You". The remix by "Four Tet" was initially broadcasted at the BBC Radio 1, which got attention really fast. The song has a really nice lullaby rhythm to it, which makes it even more surreal than it is...

18th Feb

10 things to observe while walking

Weird Ideas #01

## Breath The easiest thing to notice at all given times is your own breath, just follow the rhythm of the in-breath and out breath as you walk. ## The sole of your feet It is more effective when you are walking with bare foot, with shoes on you won't feel a lot of the things under your feet b...

12th Feb

A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads

Song #65 - AIB & Voctronica