25th May


Song #71 - OMI

9th May


Song #70 - Bloc Party

Remember, that version of [Fix You]( I had posted a while back, the sounds are on the same lines, but there is a lot more lyric and a new artist :D

7th May

Repeater’s Fiesta

You, the Sandwich - The Daily Post

# Repeater’s Fiesta Roasted chicken, with creamy cheese salad, served with Caffeinated drinks or Green Tea. The repeater’s fiesta was first made in the early 20th century, when songs like Sha la la la la (Venga boys) were released having the same repetitive tune in almost all their songs. This...

6th May


The Daily Post

Civilizations have changed through out the ages, from ancient Egyptians to the greek, societies have been modified over generations and yet we aim to find that ideal community to live in. A structure that satisfies the needs of all classes and religions, and somehow works in all scenarios. A "Idy...

4th May

Beyond the Pale

The Daily Post

Remember that day, when you finally woke up early to do that workout you always wanted to do, have that early morning breakfast, that perfect start to the day you had dreamt of. I did something of those sorts too in the past few months, always dreamt of running consistently for long distances, so...

19th Apr

The ___

That night in Budapest

It could be anything material, but it will not last forever. There will be days when you'll want it more than it, some days when you'll abhor it, but it will come and go every once a while. The circle will be complete everytime no matter you do, it is all a part of constant change or time as we c...

10th Apr

All About That Bass

Song #69 - Kate Davis

Jazz cover, much love

8th Apr

Laravel 5.0 Sqlstate HY000 2002 Error

Things to remember

## Mysql Connection Problem So with a new version of software comes new issues to tackle, this time it was for the database.php file in the Laravel version 5.0, so there is a new field added in the ```mysql`` connection that is specifying the socket to be used. If you have used a vagrant machi...