25th Dec

Car Interface

Daily UI #034

Making these interfaces I realized, having a time constraint is the biggest motivation I have. I spend around 3 minutes for selecting the word set, following which I spend around 10 minutes (1 minute per word) for my mood board, I take a 5 minute break after this just to get my head clear and then s...

24th Dec

Customize Product

Daily Ui #033

It reminded me of a project that I worked on, mainly as a developer called [Deezyn]( where the value proposition was the ability to customize your clothes with respect to the fabric, collar type and the pattern of clothes. So I just followed my process for inspiration and created...

23rd Dec


Daily UI #032

Daily UI #32 - Crowdfunding Campaign First thing that came to my mind was collaboration, probably because I recently wrote a paper for "Information In Social System" analyzing how Kickstarter works and what values it holds for various stakeholders. I think moved towards generating "10" random wor...

21st Dec

“What worries you masters you.”

Life, he answered trying to put all the things running in his head into one word. He couldn't fathom the number of things, both good and bad were running in his head driving him crazy making him so anxious that he'd rather prefer death over this thought box. There are a lot of things I'm not sure ab...

2nd Nov

12 Days of Daily UI

Things I've learnt so far.

Daily UI has been a great journey so far, and I've learnt a lot in the process of making these UI's everyday putting in action all the things I've learnt from my courses and outside class and learning new elements in various tools. I've covered the first Daily UI in my previous post you can find...

16th Oct

Sign Up

#DesignUI #001

## DailyUI A new concept was started by these guys, where in you get a prompt everyday and we are supposed to make a user interface. The day one was the Sign Up Prompt and I made this series of prompts. The First screen is what the user gets when he first enters in the app...

9th Oct

Things Festinger Taught Me

Bits from my time at School of Information

Festinger and his Social Comparison theories. 1.People want to always evaluate their abilities and opinions. 2.In case when there are no standards to compare things like attractiveness, smartness or thing like empathy and stuff people will compare them with other people, because we always want...

7th Sep

Mouth Drop

The Daily Post

A one way street, with no trails of humans around just the sound of the cold wind hitting my face. The sky had been freshly painted purple, with glitter all over it. I sensed the stillness in the environment around me, the winds were just blowing over my face when I noticed something from the corner...