16th Mar

Experience based choice

Choice Architecture for Human Computer Interaction

9th Mar

The State of Elections

Framing Exercise for Choice Architecture

The American primary elections & debates have been a very interesting topic this past year and one of the candidates has been in the limelight, obviously for the ridiculous things he does, Mr. Donald Trump. In one of his speeches in June 2015, he called out Mexicans coming from across the border to...

18th Jan

Choice Architecture

Kahneman Readings

# The Law of Small Numbers • The system 2 works on the facts and suggestions retrieved from associate memory pulled by System 1. • System 1 is highly adept in one form of thinking - it automatically and effortlessly identifies causal connections between events. • "A random event,...

16th Jan

622 Lecture

Week #2

622 Lecture #2 ## Agenda 1. Research Design and Project Planning 2. Interaction Maps ## Research Evaluation 1. Who are the users of the SI website? (One of the first question, which ones we need to focus on?) - Students (They were broken down into multiple types) - Employers - Alumni...

18th Nov


Verizon Design Jam

21st Nov

Farm Logs

Design Jam

FarmLogs is a software company that helps farmers with risk management by monitoring crops, weather and business variables. Jesse Vollmar is the co-founder and CEO of Ann Arbor-based company. -[Wiki](

8th Jan

Swing Ann Arbor


I landed in Ann Arbor from India, on 11th August which was a Tuesday, on the next day i.e. the Wednesday there was a Swing Dance event at one of the buildings in central campus, which turned out to be Space 2435. That day onwards, swing has been a integral part of my time here at University of Michi...

1st Jan


The daily post

Circle reminds me a lot about life, to be specific the circle of life, earth in general and this geometric shape is the most used design element. The reason is probably because having no edges creates a very warm and welcoming emotion in our heads, but isn't necessarily true in all cases. Circles ha...