12th Feb

Word List #03

Saving the day

Word List #03 - Beatific - Giving Bliss; Blissful - Beatitude - Blessedness; State of Bliss - Bedizen - Dress with Vulgar Finery - Bedraggle - Wet thoroughly - Befuddle - Confused Thoroughly The beatific sunset reminded the group of their beatitude days during industrial visits, where th...

12th Feb

Word List #02

Night One

- Badinage - Teasing Conversation - Baffle - Frustrate; Perplex - Bait - Harras; Tease - Baleful - Menacing; Deadly - Balk - Foil; Hesitate; Thwart or Hinder; As the valentine's day arrived all the classmates began badinage with the new couple of the class, which wasn't baffling. This made...

10th Feb

Word List #01

Day One

- Astute - Wise 2. Asylum - Place for refuge or shelter 3. Atavism - Relating to or characterised by reversion to something ancestral 4. Asunder - Apart 5. Asymmetric - Having parts which fail to correspond to one another Sunny being a astute person, left the asylum to search for his kids...

9th Feb

Things I'll write about

Cause it is too confusing to decide

Since I'm going to start the blog for practising some writing instead of making some income I felt it necessary to list all the things I might blog about. ##Arguments & Issues As you might have already seen the cover, the first two topics are AWA for GRE i.e. *Arguments* and *Issues*, so I'l...

7th Feb


My first job

## Going against the wind Everyone after engineering in India will usually opt for further education or a job, well it wasn't the case for me. Being a moderately good student and having interned for 4 months at [Genii][1], I had some experience with programming and MVC framework, which allowed me t...