10th Mar

Dream aloud, write down crazy ideas

20 Idea's of the Day #01

> Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. This is exactly my aim as I write down these 20 desultory ideations today, it seems like a ni...

3rd Mar

30 days to GRE

The last month strategy

# 30 days to GRE So last night I finally gave my Kaplan MST diagnostic test and ended up with a mere 300, which wasn't the best. There were a lot of things I understood regarding the test and how it is necessary to take that 10 minute break instead of skipping it. The list also showed me how the...

24th Feb

The canny teacher

Word List #08

Word List #08 - Canker - Any Ulcerous sore; Any Evil - Canny - Shrewd; Thrifty - Cantankerous - Ill Humoured; Irritable - Cantata - Story set to music; To be Sung by a Chorus - Canter - A three beat gait of a horse; Gallop The canker in the heart of teacher awakened when students failed...

22nd Feb

Project that fits, Now.

Online Assignment & Quiz Portal

## The project So finally, a small project that I can work on, along with studying for GRE. The project came from one my diploma friends. Apparently people in his degree college wanted a project made, so he contact me for this and it seemed perfect considering that I can work on something small a...

19th Feb

Burly men with burnished bald heads

Word List #07

- Burgeon - Grow Forth; Send out buds - Burlesque - Give and Imitation that ridicules - Burly - Husky Muscular - Burnish - Make Shiny by rubbing; Polish - Buttress - Support; Prop up They company was burgeoning at a really good pace, but the media was busy making them the burlesque, of Bu...

19th Feb

Hifty & Nifty - Two characters

Word List #06

Well, I'm going to be posting a little more consistently from now onwards. - Braggadocio - Boast - Braggart - Boaster - Bravado - Swagger; A bold manner or show boldness to intimidate or impress - Brawn - Muscular Strength; Sturdiness - Brazen - Insolent; Bold and without shame The bragga...

17th Feb

Word List #05

The crazy scientist

Word List #05 - Blasé - Bored with Pleasure or Dissipation - Blasphemous - Profane; Impious - Blatant - Extremely obvious; Loudly offensive - Bleak - Cold; Cheerless - Blighted - Suffering from a disease; Destroyed The scientist was blasé about his new discovery, for it was not a new feeli...

14th Feb

Word List #04

The Family Treasure

Word List #04 - Benison - Blessing - Bent - Determined; Natural Talent or Inclination - Bequeath - Leave to someone by means of will; Hand down - Berate - Scolding Strongly - Bereavement - State of being deprived of something valuable or beloved After receiving the benison from his parents...