20th Mar

White Winter Hymnal

Song #2

Today's song is by Birdy, but this is a cover by Fleet Foxes. The song is really smooth and band has been accoladed for its Albums by Rolling Stones and the likes of others. I hope you enjoy the song.

19th Mar

Grown Up

Song #1

The past few days have been really furious and confusing, and what I realized was that it was all because I was away from music. The days I don't listen to music I tend to stay a lot lethargic; music affects people in many ways and it makes sense listening to new songs everyday. So these will be a n...

18th Mar

The Good Days

Daily Prompt: Linger

> Linger - stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of reluctance to leave. Life will always have those time where you wish, time didn't pass; probably because of the level of excitment or interest that usually accompanies these times. Things happened in my life as well that made...

17th Mar

I Believe that, there will be a World War 3

Daily Prompt: I Believe

Hello World, forgive me for not writing in the past 2 days (this is for my assumed readers), I was busy playing Diablo 3, and hoping that there would be some war or rebellion in Crimea, after or during the voting, which didn't happen. Also, this was my last play for at least 15 days because I've GRE...

15th Mar

Try it with a little sugar

Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Being an Indian I was very accustomed to having being offered sweets for almost all occasions, that is how we celebrate. And usually these sweets or *mithai* as we call it are made out of milk products and lots of oil and all so it very heavy. Since my mum, belongs from a very foodie family, there a...

13th Mar

Leave everything that hinders your full potential

Daily Prompt: If You Leave

There is nothing more annoying to know that you could have done better, whenever you do something and you realize that you haven't given your 100% to it, its time to ask yourself questions. Why couldn't I give it my all? Is it the job that isn't interesting or were there distractions that occluded m...

12th Mar

Adapt to the situation, don't surrender

Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

There is difference between never surrendering and adapting to the situation, I've always believed that one must stick to a set of views only as long as he can defend them, the moment his views can be challenged in anyway that he can't defend anymore it is time he reconsidered them. And it seems fai...

11th Mar

Things change, Life Changes.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

My first Weekly Writing Challenge, or rather first of any challenges I've undertaken online, so please ignore the trivial mistakes. >Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration....