28th Mar

Night Driving

Song #9

The artist made it to the homepage of [Sixty One][1] and I like listening to these unknown artists, because they have some of the best works which aren't known a lot to mankind. Enjoy the song. [1]:

26th Mar

Love to Love

Song #8

A very mellow song, I'd say. First sang I've heard by this band and they seem promising. The lyrics are really amazing, and nice. Hope you guys like the song :)

25th Mar

Stare Into The Sun

Song #7

This is the most EPIC day after a long while, explained some people about laravel 4, and then Bro gifted Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and now I have my first Blog follower, Life is EPIC; This moment must be engraved somewhere.

24th Mar

Demons & Lakes

Song #6

The song today has been top since for a while now on [The Sixty One][1]. Most of my new music comes from this website, so its mostly going in the background with some song and the ones I like are put up here.

24th Mar


On Learning Node JS

Just started off with Node JS this morning after a very inspirational [Journal Entry][1] by [Victor][2], well I've been using some javascript after working on [AFKGaming][3] recently, I did most of the backend coding but was forced to do some javascript, which gave me a little more insight into call...

23rd Mar

Daydream By Design

Song #5

A very mellow song, feels more like vintage music but I like this kind of genre for some reason. Hope you guys like the song too, the music really serene.

23rd Mar

Around the Bend

Song #4

Sorry for the late entry for today, but the song is real crazy, just like today was. Random meet up with old friend, playing all night, listening to Alan Watts at 5:30 am to 8:30 am and then deciding to come back on Facebook.

21st Mar

War Pigs - 300 Rise of Empire

Song #3

Black Sabbath's War Pigs is the song for the day, the version given below isn't the original one, but the one in 300 Rise of Empire. The movie wasn't as great as the first one, but the credits song made up for it. You'll be able to relate to the song more once you've seen the movie though. Enjoy...