13th Apr

Starting with a new Laravel Project with Git & Mandrill

Code Blog #1

Before starting with a new project there are a few things to be setup, which include. 1. Private Git Repo on BitBucket 2. Creating a new Laravel project 3. Linking laravel project to git repo. 4. Setting up a Mandrill App for mailing services 5. Creating a Virtual Host. ### Private Git Rep...

13th Apr

On Self

My Assignment from Buddhism and Modern Pyschology

The self that Buddha says doesn't exist is the one that shows clinging towards the five aggregates i.e. Body, Physical sense, Emotions, Volitions and Conscious. Buddha doesn't explicitly say that there isn't a self but he points out of what it isn't, so there is a space for a self to exist which the...

11th Apr

Coming Back

Song #21

11th Apr

Beautiful Times

Song #20

10th Apr

What the Future Holds?

Life as we make it

Day after tomorrow marks the day, when my brother gets engaged. A moment that I've awaited for years, sometimes to get rid of him, sometimes to make sure he has a happy life. The future finally does turn into reality, the question is are we shaping it the right way? The last three months, in my h...

9th Apr

Move You

Song #19

8th Apr

Just Impolite

Song #18

7th Apr


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