25th Apr

You Might Die Trying

Song #28

25th Apr

You for me

Song #27

25th Apr

A Bar In Amsterdam

Song #26

20th Apr


Song #25

20th Apr

Pour Les Enfants Qui Ont Peur De Lorage

Song #24

20th Apr

Bang Bang (Shot Me Down)

Song #23

15th Apr

Kanna, Keep Calm

Song #22

Well today's is more like a catchy jingle than that of a real song, but well it has been stuck in my head so badly now that there is no other option but to post it as the Song of the day.

15th Apr

Git shots

Taking Selfie to next level

So what is gitshots? Well it is a small tweak that snaps your photo whenever you do a git commit, with the help of git hooks. Now how to set it up? Darn simple. First install a plugin called image snap, which will do most of our work brew install imagesnap