31st May

Climate Control

Daily Post

It was 2:00am and the lights were dimmed down, there was a haze of thoughts going through his head. He was trying to sleep really hard, it seemed he'll never manage get sleep. As he looked into his watch, it was just 2:10am the time was interminable. Mind wasn't ready to take a break and sleep w...

27th May

On The Line

Song #35

Katie, don’t throw in the towel, Let me dry you off I’ll shower You with love and then you’ll cower ‘Cause I’m not hard-hearted like Jack Bauer. I think about you every second, How long will the pain last do you reckon? You used to be my little sickling But now it’s me that needs some fixin...

27th May

Can't Stand The Rain

Song #34

up up up doom and gloom clouds gathering up up over my head up up up doom and gloom clouds gathering flash flood under my bed love, no such thing as love all love letters fade away in the rain love, no such thing as love all lovers parade around till the rain pulled the curtain...

26th May


Song #33

26th May

Into the Wild

Song #32

25th May

Capture and Develop

Song #31

11th May

Brand New Day

Song #30

4th May

Break Up The Concrete

Song #29