11th Aug

Kool Aid Stand

Song #48 - Stephanie Nilles

9th Aug


Song #47 - Magic

6th Aug

Gamification Framework

Attempting to gamify life

## Gamification Framework The concept is pretty simple, the initial stages include nothing more than framing a list of things you have a penchant for like gaming, sleeping, hanging out with friends and a inventory of tasks you loathe but should be doing. This will give you a clear idea of what...

30th Jul

Blue Eyes

Song #46 - Cary Brothers

Another one from Garden State

22nd Jul

One Of These Things First

Song #45 - Nick Drake

Song from a beautiful movie "Garden State"

22nd Jul

Nindyia Re

Song #44 - Kaavish

Today, with this song I'm going back to my roots. Being a sindhi and having grandparents who were a part of now Pakistan I'm proud to say that the place has preserved its culture in every respect amid of all the terrorism happening over there. Coke studio, has helped the country to bring out all...

20th Jul

Temen Oblak - "Dark Clouds"

Song #43 - Christopher Tin

If you are familiar with me, you'll know my taste in music has a huge variation and this is the perfect example of that. The artist, has also won a grammy for his album "Calling All Dawns". This is one of the performed version here, but the original is great as well.

18th Jul


Song #42 - Scott and Brendo