27th Jul

7 Things I learned working for an NGO in Cape town

Lessons from GIEP (Global Information Engagement Program)

I was working with a non-profit called “The League of Friends of the Blind”(LOFOB) over the summer in Cape Town, South Africa and these are my learnings. 1. You cannot know what you don’t know W...

11th Jul

I’m going for Vipassana again

A 10-day silent meditation retreat

Disclaimer: I won’t be responding to any comments between 12th July & 23rd July because I will be meditating. What is Vipassana? Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was rediscovered by Gotama Budd...

16th Feb

Is there a right answer to anything?

It depends

Is there a right answer to anything? ## It depends In my last semester I have been reflecting on the things I might have learned at school here at Michigan, and there is one thing that pops out and it is this simple idea of **not jumping on solutions**. ## Is it good? Is it the best thing...

17th Dec

Experience Database

SI 548

The experience databas...

17th Nov

Ferndale Moves

Improving Bike Reporting in City of Ferndale

Our team provided a texting service to help Ferndale residents report close calls or road hazards as they share the road with other bicyclists, pedestrians, or drivers. The City of Ferndale needed a way to understand how their infrastructure improvements have been impacting people's transportatio...

28th Oct

Sketch Workshop Part 3

Going Hi-Fi

Workshop for...

17th Oct

Sketch Workshop Part 2

The cool Plugins

Workshop for...

17th Sep

Sketch Workshop Part 1

Teaching the basic ways of Sketch!

Workshop for...