Things I'll write about

Since I'm going to start the blog for practising some writing instead of making some income I felt it necessary to list all the things I might blog about.

Arguments & Issues

As you might have already seen the cover, the first two topics are AWA for GRE i.e. Arguments and Issues, so I'll chose a topic at random from the Pool provided to us by ets.

Words of the Day

Well I'm planning to learn 50 words a day from memrise.com, from the course 300 Words with sentences. The plan is to get those 50 words and make a scene or a story out of them, which will make it easier for me to remember them. It might be a tiring job, but it has to be done for our memories will remember scenes better than just raw words.

Math Problems

I've been practicing every day a little by little from Manhattan books, and other resources on the internet. So I tend to test myself everyday for a couple of hours. I'm planning to make sure that the things I get wrong, I write a blog about them. This will help me correct my mistakes and also help someone out their who got stuck with the same problem.

Life & Freelancing

Just like my previous blog, Freelancing I'll be writing more blogs on the same lines, to list my life and share my experiences of Freelancing with the world.

Better late, than never