Dream aloud, write down crazy ideas

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

This is exactly my aim as I write down these 20 desultory ideations today, it seems like a nice practice to allow free flow of thoughts in our heads.

  1. A app that allows you to schedule things for the day, and as time passes it starts reminding you of them. So not like a calendar but something more like a pie chart or something that really makes you feel guilty and shows you each minute as it passes.

  2. A app that lets you save memories, so it'll ask you regarding your mood the song you would want to listen to now and random stuff like that and then allow you to record audio or video and write in text regarding your idea.

  3. A app integrated with creative whack, so when you put in your problem it takes your problem into context and provides you with solution with respect to your problem in picture.

  4. A game where in you can make your own rules based on some principles from game theory or gamification and then you can allow people to join your game, so basically a very flexible framework with PBL and some set of quiz questions or equivalent that lets people create their own games in PBL system.

  5. A Laravel app for Wordpress, that lets you design in your own pages and put them where-ever necessary. It won't be a bad idea to just clone Wordpress in Laravel completely.

  6. A app that allows you to share things with friends, so something of a hangout group but where in you can invite close people and share links and then they can be arranged and a particular day of links can be saved but something which is only for a group, not public like twitter.

  7. A app that allows you have have a whiteboard on your desktop, which allows you to write down stuff on your desktop instead of having stickies and stuff, so a desktop can have like a whiteboard mode if clicked twice or finger swipe or something.

  8. A memrise plugin that arranges 20 memes in random order and then you can just used them to shuffle and create flash cards, so a flash card with images and meanings on them.

  9. An app that lets you write 20 ideas of the days, and as you type in words the background music changes and the images in background appear and disappear ( from search results from google images based on the words you are typing )

  10. An app that first helps you learn new words and integrates with you system and then as and when you type, it will give you those words as suggestions to improves your language and help remember those words better.

  11. A website for curating my thoughts and videos to watch, so it should know that I am on Day 3 of the exercise, and then show me videos accordingly. So Hasfit with better UI and much amazing control over learning, and one that sends you mail for every day. So a person feels more personal when working.

  12. An app that optimised my images like iteratively to get the best possible size for the web.

  13. A app that organises each chapter of an article more like a blog from medium.com, so basically it shows you a random image based on the words or as given by the author, then makes each chapter a medium like article with showing estimated time for reading, and we can share books with others as well for reading together.

  14. An app that allows you to streamline your thoughts by helping you streamline your views, by giving you a distraction free mode and where it asks you questions of how, when. So depending on the sentence you write it frames a question and then intrigues you more about that thought.

  15. A browser plugin that creates a small place, where it will give you tips based on the website you are on. Tips can be crowd sourced and the one with most likes or favourites will show up. Like those small loading screen tips.

  16. An app that allows you to maintain your real life inventory like a game, so it allows you to add a new item to it, a new item category, if it is stackable or not and things like that so you can actually make a account for it but in a more virtual, gamer kinda way.

  17. A app where in you can list down your fears and so can everyone else and make people meet each and allows them to get ove the same fears together, cause it always feels better when you fear something but do it with someone else and they can always prod you to do it.

  18. A app that makes your desktop background change according to the time and the weather of the day.

  19. A to do list app that gives you 5 minutes every 2 hours to put in your to-do list items. So while you are working it might ask you randomly to add tasks to your todo list and make it more game like, so you get achievements and stuff as you put in your task. Or make something like carrot on a desktop.

  20. A app for GRE students that gives them on issue or argument randomly everyday from the GRE ETS pool and allows them to write one, and check three or more everyday something like coursera. And has to do both in the same day.