30 days to GRE

30 days to GRE

So last night I finally gave my Kaplan MST diagnostic test and ended up with a mere 300, which wasn't the best. There were a lot of things I understood regarding the test and how it is necessary to take that 10 minute break instead of skipping it. The list also showed me how the best section I gave could be the experimental section so I had to work properly on all the questions.


Well I got almost all "Probability" and "Number Properties" questions wrong, which highlighted the area I need to work a lot more on. Also, there were some problems where I initially had answered the right answer and then comparing them to the various answer choices and changed them and ended up getting the worst nightmare.

All this was not the biggest issue, the main realisation was that I the time is really passing fast and that I spend a lot of time on every single thing and that it wasn't really easy to make sure that spend equal amounts of time on something. So managing the time is another issue, which I'll handle during my practicing time.


The verbal section was that of a mediocre quality, there were quite a few multiple sentence completion where I got one answer choice wrong, so that really messed it up. Also I made the biggest mistake of first reading the passage and then the question, where in I had to re-read the whole question.

There was one paragraph where I actively imagine the whole scenario and also asked questions which seemed to be the best trick that worked till the end. It also gave me a insight regarding those petty inferring answers. I'll still be practicing words, but now will concentrate mostly on group words cause that way they are easy to remember and they rely on each other making explanations and connections among them easy. Co-relations are really important when learning new words.

30 Day Plan

Since yesterday, I realised that I have to work a lot on my GRE skills. So I've created a small schedule that I'll be following starting from today. I won't mention how much time to spend on a topic because that is completely at your own discretion; instead I'll tell you the topics you must finish everyday. Also, along with these I'll be spending 2 hours on vocabulary, one hour on revising old words and one hour learning new words.

Day 1: Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence Day 2: Reading Comprehensions - Short and Long & a Full Length Practice Test Day 3: Algebra, Arithmetic, Set Properties Day 4: Number Properties & Proportions + Full Length Practice Test Day 5: Geometry + Review the previous two tests and note down the areas that are weak and create a chart and add a +1 to the ones where you get a answer wrong.

The first 5 days will be mostly the period where we'll imbibe the strategies for the given topic. While learning these properties make sure you note it down and learn the ways to apply it, so that the next time you have the question in front of you, you think strategies instead of finding the answers.

Day 6 & 7 Can be taken off since they are weekends, but make sure you practice your words and don't stress looking much into GRE because it will just cause you to get more paranoid regarding it.

With around eight hours everyday on the given topics I'm sure the strategies you learn will help you for your final test. The most important takeaway from here is that practice but make sure you practice knowing that there is a particular way to solve the question, just practicing blindly without knowing any strategies isn't going to help you with anything.

I'll post the next week's schedule on the upcoming Sunday.