The canny teacher

Word List #08

  • Canker - Any Ulcerous sore; Any Evil
  • Canny - Shrewd; Thrifty
  • Cantankerous - Ill Humoured; Irritable
  • Cantata - Story set to music; To be Sung by a Chorus
  • Canter - A three beat gait of a horse; Gallop

The canker in the heart of teacher awakened when students failed to submit the assignment on time, following which the canny teacher made sure that those cantankerous students and the ones spending a lot of time in extra curricular activities like those of participating in a cantata and cantering of horses be punished.

  • Canto - Division of a long poem
  • Cant - Jargon of criminals; Pious Phraseology
  • Canvass - Determine or seek opinions; votes; etc
  • Capacious - Spacious
  • Capillary - Having a very fine bore

This caused a rebellion to form amongst the students, they referred to canto's from their textbooks and reframed them to esoteric jargons. The cant that they had started soon, affected the canvass of the student's council and lead to a close competition between the teachers favourite candidate and the students most supported candidate. The competition was that of a capillary, but the students candidate won and was made in charge of student's council and had full authority and responsibility of the capacious common house.

  • Capitulate - Surrender
  • Caprice - Whim
  • Capricious - Whimsical; Fickle; Incalculable
  • Caption - Title; header; Text under illustration
  • Captious - Faultfinding

The leader who had previously capitulated had left some important work incomplete due to his caprice nature. The newly elected leader soon fixed all the capricious mistakes and changed his caption from "Studying in GaTech" to "Leading Student Council at GaTech". Since he was a tyro all the teachers used to act captious so that they could get him of his throne.

  • Carafe - Glass Water bottle
  • Carapace - Shell covering the back of a turtle
  • Carat - Unit of weight for precious stones; Measure of fineness of stones
  • Carcinogenic - Causing Cancer
  • Cardinal - Chief

The newbie, used to perform his duties on time for he had the carapace of students around him always to assign work to. Even filling his carafe was assigned to someone for his was busy planning about the cardinal tasks that were to be taken care of before the college fest started. He had to make sure the carcinogenic crowd was taken care of before they cause chaos in the college and abrupt all the events.

  • Careen - Lurch; Sway away from side to side
  • Caricature - Distortion; Burlesque
  • Carillon - Set of Bells capable of being played
  • Carnage - Destruction of Life
  • Carnal - Fleshy

He knew that there were students who would get drunk and careen around the college causing problems, for which he gathered all of these students and made them participate in a live play, where in they had to act drunk. There would be others as well playing carillon's in the background, and creating a scene that depicts the carnage of humans who are addicted to drinking. The drunkards readily accepted for they had a carnal desire to drink in college without getting into trouble.