Project that fits, Now.

The project

So finally, a small project that I can work on, along with studying for GRE. The project came from one my diploma friends. Apparently people in his degree college wanted a project made, so he contact me for this and it seemed perfect considering that I can work on something small and easy without any high end needs.

The project is as simple as it can be, "Online Assignment & Quiz Portal" as the name suggests a online app where in teachers can add in Quiz's and Assignments & Students can answer these quiz's and will be sent reminders of the time remaining to submit.

Although the project is quite easy, it required some thinking with respect to the database structure. Since, I didn't want to add a lot of redundancy I had to separate some tables to make it easy for the people I'm making for to explain to their staff.

The database design.

There will be a total of 5 tables.

  • User's (Students and Teachers)
  • Quiz/Assignment (A table for adding new quiz's and assignments)
  • Questions (Will hold the questions, the answer choices and the write answers)
  • Submissions (Will be made by every student, who has the assignment, will also hold the grade of the student.)
  • Answers (Single answer, will belong to a submission and a question, will also old the individual grade of the answer)

It seemed reasonable to add a table for submission as the only other alternative I could think of was creating multiple assignment table entries, but then that would also hold a lot of data that wouldn't be used. Hence this specific division of tables.

Stay tuned

I'll be working on the Mockups soon, will post on how the design was influenced and how all the elements were selected. Mockups will be done in Balsamiq mostly.