Ferndale Moves

Our team provided a texting service to help Ferndale residents report close calls or road hazards as they share the road with other bicyclists, pedestrians, or drivers. The City of Ferndale needed a way to understand how their infrastructure improvements have been impacting people's transportation. By allowing people to report their incident and allowing them to pinpoint it on a map, the texting service provides valuable data points for Ferndale City Planners. Our partnership lasted the entire semester of Fall 2016.

We applied all parts of the design process, including user research for discovery, stakeholder interviews, brainstorming and ideation, affinity wall mapping of different issues and solutions, wireframing, medium fidelity mockups, and product development.

Our group learned a lot about how to create a sustainable service with minimal barrier to entry. We learned about how to create a campaign to promote this service. We hope that this service will provide value in giving more data to Ferndale Moves and also make use of their existing resources, including Community Remarks. As we were not initially given a specific problem, we had to define the problem by conducting the survey and user interviews. The affinity wall was used to synthesize our findings and identify possible solutions.

My Role in the team

  • Proposed and created solution based on our user research about the project
  • Found new avenues for the partner to connect with and collaborate for the project on a longer term
  • Designed the poster and emphasized on the user stories that were created in the process
  • Created data-driven poster which articulates the decisions we made