Burly men with burnished bald heads

  • Burgeon - Grow Forth; Send out buds
  • Burlesque - Give and Imitation that ridicules
  • Burly - Husky Muscular
  • Burnish - Make Shiny by rubbing; Polish
  • Buttress - Support; Prop up

They company was burgeoning at a really good pace, but the media was busy making them the burlesque, of Burly men with burnished bald heads, with a stick as the buttress.

  • Buxom - Full-Bosomed; Plump; Jolly
  • Cabal - A small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interest
  • Cache - Hiding Place
  • Cacophony - Discord
  • Cadaverous - Like a corpse; Pale

The women, were all shown as buxom. The cabal of people undertaking this activity, was working out from a cache somewhere in the down town, filled with cacophonous noises and cadaverous looking people, so that no one would ever suspect them.

  • Cadaver - Corpse
  • Cadence - Rhythmic rise and fall; Beat
  • Cajole - Coax; Wheedle
  • Calamity - Disaster; Misery
  • Caliber - Ability; Capacity

The next day, the news showed the cadaver of one of the companies owners, with this heart in his had following a cadence; indicating how they would cajole everything they could in order to avoid a calamity to their company. The artists drawing these comics were full of caliber.

  • Calligraphy - Beautiful Writing; Excellent Penmanship
  • Callous - Hardening; Unfeeling
  • Callow - Youthful; Immature
  • Calorific - Heat Producing
  • Calumny - Malicious Misrepresentation

They had amazing calligraphy skills, but were callous to the entertainment world. The callow leader of the group was busy adding more calorific wood to the fireplace, knowing that he was the one to be blamed for all calumny that happened to those companies.

  • Camaraderie - Good Fellowship
  • Cameo - Shell or Jewel Carved in relief; A short descriptive sketch that neatly encapsulates someone or something
  • Canard - Unfounded Rumor
  • Candor - Frankness
  • Canine - Related to Dogs; Doglike

He didn't mind getting arrested or anything cause he knew that his cabal was a good camaraderie and that the cameo of these companies that they were picturing was not some canard but rather a candour of their thoughts. They worked all night to print the next day's edition, while the leader was petting his canines.