I was reading Yelp's mission statement and it goes as follows

To connect people with great local businesses

I tried breaking it down, as you can see in the image below scribble

As you probably saw there, connect can have many different meanings in this context.

  • Finding the place
  • Reviews on the food, menu or service provided
  • The Ah-Ha Moment: It could also mean Hiring


I dabbled with idea a little bit and looked at hiring trends for small business in 2016 and found this report published by Indeed.. These were some of the key insights from the PDF.

The following day, I went out in the wild to interview a few restaurants using Yelp for business to see how they currently hire and hear them out.

How Restaurant Employers hire?

  • Employers, hire people they know form family & friends
  • Company websites
  • Craigslist
  • Posters & Flyers

How Students look for jobs?

  • Go in and ask for a job
  • Job section of Newspaper
  • Google it

Target Customer

The target customer: Students

  • Biggest Users Yelp FactSheet As you can see in the image above 18-34 is the biggest age demographic of Yelp Users.
  • Hardworking: 80% work a part-time while studying at school
  • Spontaneous: 1 in 3 don't know where to find a part time
  • Value Conscious: 3 in 4 interested in "a service that could provide part-time job opportunities"
  • Tech-Savy: 85% of students own a smart phone or a smart device.

Article Title: 2012 Freshman Survey: Students Are Ever More Focused on Jobs
Periodical Title: Chronicle of Higher Education
Source: Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc.


  • Discover: Find jobs that are part-time and easy to get/Find people who are willing to work for cheap without much effort
  • Curate: Save and remember restaurants/Save and remember applicants
  • Plan: Be in Control Save Time, Save/Earn Money


  • Search Jobs
  • Places Applied
  • Preferences

Search Jobs

Problem: Users don't know where to look for part-time jobs in restaurants.
User Story: As a user, I want to find local business, so that I can apply for part-time jobs.
Scenario: When the user is on the home screen and wants to search for jobs.
Metric: #jobs viewed/user/week

Jobs Applied

Problem: Users want to know the places they have already applied to
User Story: As a user, I want to know the places I've applied to.
Scenario: When the user is searching for jobs, show him places he has applied for
Metric: %monthly active users, # of bookmarks/user/week


Problem: Users cannot edit, enter or view their preferences
User Story: As a user, I want to choose my preferences, so that I can receive personalized suggestions
Scenario: When the user is searching for jobs, allow him to save the preferences
Metric: Frequency of preferences chosen



Link to Prototype

Usability Test: Feedback

Usability tested 5 users, conducted contextual inquiry with 5 user all aged: 18-34

  • Ability to search locally
  • Filters
  • The small indication for jobs applied to


  • The fact that email opens up or leads to a different site
  • Can't see the requirements for the job
  • Not having an on boarding for new feature



Short-Term: Searching Jobs/Bookmarking Jobs applied to.
Medium-Term: LinkedIn/Indeed Integration
Long-Term: Yelp Jobs for Business

Prioritization Factors: Company Importance, User Importance, Number of potential users impacted, Expected return, Engineering win.

Success Metrics

Why me?

“You have to be very nimble and very open minded. Your success is going to be very dependent on how you adapt.” Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO

Strengths: Proactive, Globally-minded, Emotional Intelligence, Growth-Learning Mindset, Big Picture and small details focus, Adaptable to different roles.

Skills: Design, (User research, interaction design, usability testing, etc), Technology (PHP Laravel, RoR, SQL, etc), Business (A/B Testing, marketing, Agile Scrum, etc)

Experience: Web Developer, Product Designer, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Roles, Freelancing

Random Facts: Born in India, Grew up in Mumbai, Went for a 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat, Played 3000 hours of DOTA 2.

Why Yelp?

Connecting People is one of my passions: It's the best product in the world. I've grown up in Mumbai and had the fortune of knowing connecting to people every place I go to, asking people where they like to eat, what their thoughts are.

This is the most exciting time to join Yelp: Yelp just bought Eat24, you're investing in apps like NoWait, and the food industry is being completely reshaped by technology.