iOS Animation RANT

TLDR: iOS 10 has no guide or structure with their animations, doesn’t meet Google Material Design’s level and is often mis-used.

iOS 10

First 30 seconds using iOS 10 almost gave me a seizure with the amount of animations they have added from the previous version 9.3.5. 1. I check the message apps, write “hello” to a friend.

2. The Chat bubble animates

3. The Delivery status animates

At that moment notification from animates from the top

SO MUCH SHIT is just moving around.

But it looks beautiful and I want to know these animation curves work. I go to the google.com, and search “iOS 10 design guidelines”, I end up here.

All I get is LOTS of jargon about animation and no structure for the operating system particularly. I GET PISSED and Rant on Medium.

Thank you for reading this rant. Help me, guide me, I’m here to learn.

The blog was first published at Medium.
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