The State of Elections

The American primary elections & debates have been a very interesting topic this past year and one of the candidates has been in the limelight, obviously for the ridiculous things he does, Mr. Donald Trump. In one of his speeches in June 2015, he called out Mexicans coming from across the border to be rapists and drug abusers. In October 2015, he made another statement in which he stated that America will build a wall between the borders and make the Mexicans pay for it. (Imbert 2015). In response to this, the Mexican president made a statement in March 2016, comparing the tone of Mr. Donald Trump to that of Hitler. However, he could have framed his statement better, in the following paragraphs I’ll discuss the problems in his existing statement and suggests improvements.

President Enrique Pena Nieto

The Mexican president’s objective is to maintain the relationship with America, which he thinks will deteriorate if Mr. Trump was to be elected as the President, and be racists to Mexicans and build walls between the two countries. This makes the Mexican president’s objective to persuade Americans to not vote for Donald Trump.

The Mexican President talks about this in his recent interview,

“And there have been episodes in human history, unfortunately, where these expressions of this strident rhetoric have only led to very ominous situations in the history of humanity,” followed with “That's how Mussolini got in, that's how Hitler got in, they took advantage of a situation, a problem perhaps, which humanity was going through at the time, after an economic crisis,” (Bbcworld 2016).

The Mexican President here uses Hitler as a reference to Donald Trump and talks about how such behavior in the past has lead to dark times. The frame presented to us is definitely one of loss, but the frame could have been better by pointing out the losses and creating a direct comparison to the reference point of Hitler. For instance, comparing the racism that Donald Trump brings against Mexicans & Muslims to that of Hitler being racists against Jews which was framed by SNL accurately (2016), and comparing Donald Trump’s act of making people in rally pledge like the Nazi pledge by Hitler, which The Washington Post pointed out (Stevenson 2016). Adding these elements would make the comparison stronger with the reference of Hitler and highlights the losses that America might have upon electing Donald Trump as President. In the next section I’ll present a frame that would comprise of these statements put together, highlighting the losses.

Quote for the Mexican President

“And there have been episodes in human history, unfortunately, where these expressions of racism against minorities, Muslim/Mexican by Trump & the act of pledging allegiance to a dictator have only led to destructive situations in the history of humanity” followed with “That's how Hitler was, he was racists against Jews and made his officers, soldiers & civil servants take the oath of allegiance that pledged personal loyalty to Adolf himself, in place of loyalty to the constitution, leading to death of millions of innocents kids & women. Do I want a Hitler for America?, No.”

The quote here, points out direct comparisons to the reference of Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, highlighting the similarities between their traits and creating a picture for the reader that lets them compare Hitler to Trump easily. The deaths part is important because it highlights the outcome of what Hitler brought to the world, which is clearly a loss scenario. The question at the end is important as it prompts the reader after setting a clear comparison if this would be an acceptable scenario for the country, thus creating a correlation that Donald Trump is the Hitler. This quote would be far more effective than the original one, because it emphasizes on the losses directly.


In conclusion, the statement made by the Mexican President would have been more effective had he correlated Hitler and Donald Trump better and emphasized the loss of innocent life that Hitler bought with him.


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