Hifty & Nifty - Two characters

Well, I'm going to be posting a little more consistently from now onwards.

  • Braggadocio - Boast
  • Braggart - Boaster
  • Bravado - Swagger; A bold manner or show boldness to intimidate or impress
  • Brawn - Muscular Strength; Sturdiness
  • Brazen - Insolent; Bold and without shame

The braggart kid "Nifty", started with his braggadocio behaviour in front of "Hifty". Now hifty was a bravado, and be had was a brawn and used to wear sleeveless Tee's even at school like a brazen teenager.

  • Breach - Breaking or contract of duty; Fissure; Gap
  • Breadth - Width; Extent
  • Brevity - Consciences
  • Brindled - Tawny or Brownish with streaks or Spots
  • Bristling - Close-Set, stiff and spiky; Aggressively Brisk or tense

Nifty found how he could breach, that could bring Hifty down. He was walking all the way along the breadth of the park, waiting for Hifty and realising the brevity of life, he saw Hifty walking in with his brindled bag. He was bristling with girls for he had the muscles to show.

  • Brittle - Easily Broken; Difficult
  • Broach - Open up
  • Brocade - Rich, Figured fabric
  • Brochure - Pamphlet
  • Brooch - Ornamental Clasp

Nifty saw, Hifty and realised that his legs were brittle, so nifty threw a stone at Hefty, which broached him form the crowed. Hifty handed his brocade manufactured bag to one of the girls and ran behind Nifty. Nifty, had it all planned and so as they crossed the library, he threw a bunch of brochures on Hifty's face to distract him, while he snatched Hifty's brooch.

  • Brook - Tolerate; Endure
  • Browbeat - Bully; Intimidate
  • Brusque - Blunt; Abrupt
  • Bucolic - Rustic; Pastoral
  • Buffoonery - Behaviour that is annoying but amusing

Hifty had to endure as he was the brook, then he finally caught hold of Nifty and started browbeating him. Suddenly, a professor came and in a brusque manner stared at Hifty. It was Nifty's luck that a professor walked in, else it would have been his last day, at his bucolic college. Nevertheless, he was happy that he got away with his buffoonery.

  • Bugaboo - Bugbear; Object of Baseless Terror
  • Bullion - Gold and Silver in form of bars
  • Bulwark - Earthwork or other strong defence; Person who defends
  • Bungle - Spoil by clumsy behaviour
  • Bureaucracy - Government by Bureaus

Nifty proved that, Hifty was nothing else but a Bugaboo, for he had gotten through Hifty's bulwark and bugled him around. Hifty on the other hand was disgusted by the bureaucracy of the college, and wished that he could buy this college for some bullion.