Thingspace from Sidharath Chhatani

What is ThingSpace?

ThingSpace is Verizon's part of the Internet of Things department and this particular problem was meant for performing heuristic evaluation of the website and providing them with recommendations for improving the usability of the website considering various stakeholders who will be involved.

Possible Users

We assumed that the various types of users would be • Non-Dev background individuals
• Expert Developers
• Tyro Hacker


Discovery (Tyro Hacker)

We provided recommendations for providing API functionality which has examples and outputs, which resembles something like that Laravel API. The process would improve the discovery of the various options provided by company for the developers. Also we recommended having individual dev kits with more like a price comparison menu.

Expert Users

The next recommendation was specifically targeted towards Expert Users, who are acquainted with the system enough to use things like "Cheat Sheets" which could be based around this example and also encouraging the developers of the Project to create screencasts and tutorials which helps them and creating a medium to involve the expert users and interact with the new comers.


The final suggestion was creating a place for these developers to live, a forum for people to document specific errors and ask questions. A Github presence because that improves the credibility of the system and contributes to Open Source and will improve support and availability. And a simple Slack/Twitter presence of the project to make sure some social network is present.

Team Members

Varun Joshi
Chaitrali Gharat
Rohita Tikoo
• Sidharath Chhatani