Farm Logs

FarmLogs is a software company that helps farmers with risk management by monitoring crops, weather and business variables. Jesse Vollmar is the co-founder and CEO of Ann Arbor-based company. -Wiki


The design JAM took place at the Farm logs office in Ann Arbor for some 3 hours, the place was nicely decorated and they had some motivation stuff going on like this.

Problem Definition

The designer team at Farmlogs presented us with two problems, one that would improve the dashboard for the existing administrator panel and the second challenge was adding the ability to compare different maps on a mobile device.


The Ideation process was great fun because we had the developers out there to help us allowing us to create something within the framework of the existing application and providing us with maps and materials to kickstart our design process.


The simplest way for prototyping for me has always been taking screenshots from the existing applications and then playing with them and changing them to fit our needs or create new solutions with the same environment. The best part of this is the time it saves, it took me hardly 15-20 minutes to kickstart my hi-fi prototypes. This is how the sketch layout looked minutes after the challenge was given.


The interaction took multiple iterations and tries to get it perfect mainly because of the fact that we had too much information to present and we had to make sure the experience is super easy for the clients to use and provides the ability to choose from multiple types of maps and across years.

As you see here we abandoned the initial scrolling list because it would easily get huge and super hard to browse through. But that was because we worked with the information presented.


The biggest takeaway for me was that, we need to understand the complete picture before we make a design decision and as new information comes in we must change our designs. Failing fast has always been one of the things I've believed in and it has been a good technique. Not necessarily doing bad to fail fast but validating each of the solutions before push it out to production.