Swing Ann Arbor

I landed in Ann Arbor from India, on 11th August which was a Tuesday, on the next day i.e. the Wednesday there was a Swing Dance event at one of the buildings in central campus, which turned out to be Space 2435. That day onwards, swing has been a integral part of my time here at University of Michigan.

I've joined the group and since helped them with making some posters and advertisements and making sure the word goes out and the community grows bigger. I've made different pieces, each serving a different purpose and I try to create a certain style, but every now and then there is that moment of breaking the constraints because it feels easy.

This is one of the few posters that follow a pattern, because it has to be out there every week, and having the same pictures allows the users to offload their reading everything part because they know the positioning of the elements and can easily decipher the message.

The piece here is a poster for the workshop, which was very impromptu because the details were given to me less than 24 hours before the workshop. I tried playing with the border box layouts for this one and simple blocks of text which turned out to be very poppy with the color scheme that I selected.

The element here had to be used on the college website for all organizations, the reason that this has nothing besides the two words is because it is placed in an environment where everyone is competing for the users attention, and I didn't want to reduce our chances by having lots of detail in a fairly small space.

Poster made for the beginner series was a bit interesting in the sense that I had lots of data to put and not the best space management. This has lead to some redundancy specially w.r.t to the location of the place which was same every week but I still put it.

This one is funny in the sense that the event was in discussions within the group and there was no consensus until the last week when I had to pull off a simple poster.

This one follows very closely to the beginner series but with the exception that rooms here were different and that I had to do it just before the last week. Also I'm trying to highlight the fourth session but I doubt I've done a good job with that.

Beginner series for Jan '16. This is one of the latest pieces with so many alignment issues which I deliberately put it just so that the other poster for the intermediate series gets more attention.

By far this has been the piece that I loved working on the most and I think it is mainly because of the brilliant image shared by Erin, and the fact that content for this was available long before the event started. I tried working with few colors and simple geometric figures, and added a black block which almost acts like a film border.

This was one of those things I made in 15 minutes, while I was at a dance event.

Another one for the college organization websites.

Overall this has been a fun journey with Swing Ann Arbor and I hope it grows better as I spend my remaining time here at University of Michigan.