Circle reminds me a lot about life, to be specific the circle of life, earth in general and this geometric shape is the most used design element. The reason is probably because having no edges creates a very warm and welcoming emotion in our heads, but isn't necessarily true in all cases. Circles have this very peculiar quality of being self-centered in many ways and disjoint from other elements who are different from them.

Lets take a story of this small empty circle with just a small border of 0.5 pixel, it was created as the first element on blank canvas to serve a purpose by the designer which it never realized cause it was the only thing out there. Soon other elements like lines, squares and rectangles joined in and the whole picture began to make sense. This often happens to us in our lives as well, we don't seem to understand the world-view perspective and feel that we have no place in the world and that it doesn't make sense. I don't mean to say there is a designer out there in the world, necessarily not even in a randomized formation of things as an element we fall somewhere, for instance you were born in a certain country, that defines your boundaries.

The interesting part is trying to identify the elements around you and creating a harmony which amplifies your use and importance in accordance with others. So one of the importance learnings for life would be making people look at themselves from an world view, this would certainly improve their level of motivation and confidence because the are a part and they can help make a picture better by placing themselves perfectly within this structure.

I hope this year everyone realizes the importance of their place in this world and creates harmony with the other people they work and create the perfect earth we dream for.