Car Interface

Making these interfaces I realized, having a time constraint is the biggest motivation I have. I spend around 3 minutes for selecting the word set, following which I spend around 10 minutes (1 minute per word) for my mood board, I take a 5 minute break after this just to get my head clear and then spend around 10-15 minute brainstorming, followed by 10 minute of sketching. This process overall takes around 30-45 minutes in itself, the design takes another 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Interaction design. The overall process takes around 90 minutes, but the process includes me writing down the blog at the same time which ensures that document the process.


  • • bait
  • • pain
  • • airport
  • • blindfold
  • • downriver
  • • combatant
  • • distort
  • • command
  • • grasp
  • • dome

Why I do these words, because this sets a arbitrary start point for my process and allows me to guide my process from there. I've always found starting the most difficult part for me, so a randomized method is always working in my favor.


The moldboard today was interesting in the sense that there was a lot of variety with respect to what could be done and how the interface would look. One of the major constraints in my head was that the driver can't use it while driving, so how much of it should be controlled by Speech vs Digital Interface but since the topic is Interface I went with creating a interface that is easily accessible to a driver while driving the car. So avoiding things around the edges because unlike Fitts law on screens the edges are rather limited.



In my 10 minute brainstorming session, I tried to list various scenarios or things that could be possible done with a car-interface. Also, another thing to note is that the interface shouldn't take the drivers attention away from the real job of driving. Brainstorming


The sketch took a lot of turns and twists and a long wait before I could settle my mind on one thing. I wanted a voice control, along with other things like GPS and everyday apps. Along with this, I wanted to show some stats at a glance And not make the user find too many things around.



The Design borrows elements from iOS 9 Siri, along with some other inspiration online.



I didn't do much here beside a subtle notification and the Navigation movement.