Customize Product

It reminded me of a project that I worked on, mainly as a developer called Deezyn where the value proposition was the ability to customize your clothes with respect to the fabric, collar type and the pattern of clothes. So I just followed my process for inspiration and created a simple list of them random words, from my usual place

  • • blunt
  • • careless
  • • expose
  • • destructive
  • • betray
  • • cultural
  • • predatory
  • • ambulance
  • • direct
  • • neurotic
  • Mood Board

    Some of the things in the moldboard are just products I found interesting like the coffee, popcorn, bottled water,etc and some of them are just inspirations mostly the stuff at the bottom like CRUDA.

    Mood Board


    Based of the ideas from the moldboard and some inspirations I found online I came up with 5 sets of ideas around the Customize Product UI. The blast two ideas are based on the fact that I might just get more material for these two, in terms of images and content easily.



    From the few ideas I actually put out, I felt a combination of gift box or a pack of 6 beer with the ability to customize would be the most fun. So I selected that and drafted a very simple sketch around that, also I selected iPad as my device, reduces the overhead of thinking about the size issues and fitting all the elements in that screen size, but I'm sure I could do some sort of 3D touch to customize but that is a lot of learning from the users end.



    The design turned out to be way more cooler than the sketch, but completely based off it. Design


    So for the visual interactions, I used Principle app to create they simple scrolling of beer bottles when selecting one over the other.