Daily UI #32 - Crowdfunding Campaign

First thing that came to my mind was collaboration, probably because I recently wrote a paper for "Information In Social System" analyzing how Kickstarter works and what values it holds for various stakeholders. I think moved towards generating "10" random words, from this website here. The list of words that populated was

  • • Combat
  • • Blurt
  • • Humble
  • • Juvenile
  • • Blink
  • • Champion
  • • Dimension
  • • Gangland
  • • Nomad
  • • Existent

Some of these words, I haven't even heard before like "Gangland", but I'll try and search them anyways on "niice.co" and made a collection, which looks like this.

Following this, I sat and did some brainstorming for 15 minutes, wasn't really much but helps gets some ideas out in a specific context and things I'll like to address in my Daily UI. I've attached the image of the brainstorming session below (there is an app for everything)


This is usually followed with me selecting a topic and sketching it out, the one I'm going to select today is the idea number two, funding poverty, health and education directly. I find this an interesting place to work, as it allows us to remove multiple layers of bureaucracy where in the government has to be involved, and instead every school one by one can get their funding done with the people online and provides a way to reach those in need directly. I wanted to use some of the diagonal UI visuals I've been seeing around and play with it, also was wondering if I can somehow in-corporate Social Influence.


I tried playing a lot with the designs but didn't find anything complete, so I got rid of the diagonal because it seemed incomplete. I did incorporate some social influence, but showing what an average person gives, how such many people have donated for the cause and how many children in-turn are being educated because of you. All of these were just to emphasis the social information influence, along with setting a norm that it is "your turn to educate now"

Final Interaction