Word List #05

Word List #05

  • Blasé - Bored with Pleasure or Dissipation
  • Blasphemous - Profane; Impious
  • Blatant - Extremely obvious; Loudly offensive
  • Bleak - Cold; Cheerless
  • Blighted - Suffering from a disease; Destroyed

The scientist was blasé about his new discovery, for it was not a new feeling for him. His brother felt this was blasphemous for him to be this bleak about his own discoveries. It seemed extremely blatant to the scientist with regard to his discoveries, it almost felt as if his inner self was blighted by something.

  • Blithe - Gay: Joyous; Careless
  • Bloated - Swollen or Puffed as with water or air;
  • Blowhard - Talkative Boaster
  • Bludgeon - Club; Heavy headed weapon
  • Bluff - Pretence

The once blithe outlook towards now, was gone and he looked bloated, his brother explained how he was a blowhard person but then he start implementing his ideas and those bluffed up words were a reality; it happened after he was smashed with the bludgeon.

  • Blunder - Error
  • Blurt - Utter Impulsively
  • Bode - Foreshadow; Portend
  • Bogus - Counterfeit; Not Authentic
  • Boisterous - Violent; Rough; Noisy

He somehow started correcting all his blunders, and blurted nothing but information, his actions didn't bode well for the future; people even called him a bogus and there were a lot of boisterous meetings he had to attend to prove his authenticity.

  • Bolster - Support
  • Bombast - Pompous; Inflated Language;
  • Boon - Blessing; Benefit
  • Boorish - Rude; Insensitive
  • Bouillon - Clear beef soup

During all this, his brother had bolstered him, editing his speeches to remove any bombast words so as to create a false pretext. Soon this was a boon, and the scientist's boorish reputation was resolved to being bountiful among the critics. After which he used have a bowl full of bouillon made specially for him.

  • Bountiful - Generous; Showing Bounty
  • Bourgeois - Middle Class (boorZHwa)
  • Bovine - Cow-like; Placid and Dull
  • Bowdlerise - Expurgate
  • Brackish - Somewhat saline

Even though he came from a bourgeois family, he was never bovine nor was he ever bowdlerise by his professors on any issue. The scientist was also known for his feat of drinking brackish water all the time, somehow he had learnt to survive with such a diet.