“What worries you masters you.”

Life, he answered trying to put all the things running in his head into one word. He couldn't fathom the number of things, both good and bad were running in his head driving him crazy making him so anxious that he'd rather prefer death over this thought box. There are a lot of things I'm not sure about in life but among them the one that echoes is always the need to succeed, do better, and prosper. "Is that the only way to life?", he asked in a very depressed tone.

The thoughts replied by making him feel even depressed. "Should I just run away from all this? Will death be the only way to silence you? Or do I have a way out", he rattled as he was about to give up everything and just surrender. There was no white light, there was no hell or heaven, it was just entirety of nothingness, that one the he had attuned for.