Sign Up


A new concept was started by these guys, where in you get a prompt everyday and we are supposed to make a user interface. The day one was the Sign Up Prompt and I made this series of prompts.

The First screen is what the user gets when he first enters in the app.

The second screen is the user selecting his first interaction and clicking on the first field.

The third Screen goes more on the lines of what happens when he types it out, the go button gets filled a little bit.

The fourth screen is just continuing the flow of the app.

The last screen is when the button gets filled up and has a higher contrast and works with drawing the users attention.

The final output was a these screen in a continuous flow.


Well this was a app that I discovered on Producthunt and I fell in love with almost instantly, it allows me to have easy flowing interactions with a Sketch like user interface which allowed me to adopt it really fast.

Some Critiques

The twitter critiques are down here.

The other set of critiques I got was from my professor, teaching me interaction design. She said that I should always consider the various edge cases that will occur, the happy path is really easy to figure out, but thinking how the user will break the website is the most exciting part.

The Daily UI has been a great journey, where in I'm getting to learn things more practically and with more examples and use cases of the things I'm making which helps me connect. I'll be working on this hopefully for the next 100 days and would improve a tiny bit.

Thanks a lot everyone for your contributions. Also, you can find the collection growing here.