A Million Thanks

There were a lot of steps involved, a lot of people involved, and a lot of support from some really close people & family.

It started somewhere in June, after finished with my meditation spree I met "Animesh" at The Gateway and then it all began, we started meeting a couple of times in a week and started churning out requirements and things we would need for our SOP, getting documents ready for transcripts. It was really great to have company while doing this puzzling paper work in college, but with his help we somehow managed to get everything in place.

While all of this was going on, there were these people who were really amazing and helped me and supported my decisions. In no particular order, Nishant, Arti, Kunal, Rohit, Anisha, Tanmay, Swaraj, Pratyay, Abhi, Palash, and a lot more people. Each one of them helped me in their own way from giving suggestions to actually practicing for GRE with me. Also, there was this amazing Facebook group Tejas made and Aditya managed, for students going for HCI and it was the best thing that happened cause the information that was being shared now doubled and everyone knew about a lot more colleges.

Around October after the transcripts were ready and GRE was done, now was time for the the real thing "Statement of Purpose", after several rough drafts that I made with Animesh, I sat with "Arti" this time the person I trusted the most with helping me get this thing in place. Over the week I made a beta version of my SOP, then handed over to Arti. In less than a week, she edited it from a third graders essay to a graduate student's SOP and it was just marvellous. I really wonder if I could do anything without her help now.

Following this I went on a Editing spree, sending the buffed up SOP to my friends(Neel, Ash, Neha, others) studying out there in US, each had their own perspective of what needs to be changed and what things should be included and or removed, knowing these are the people I could count on the most. I edited the SOP taking into consideration all the suggestions and it turned out to be a real beauty. A big thanks to all the people who took out time from their busy schedules and helped me craft something great.

Then around November I suppose, Nisarg Shah got in contact and his super early deadlines got me motivated and pushing to get my stuff sorted as soon as possible, if it weren't for him I would have easily missed a couple of deadlines.

The next three months were spent in sending out more applications, I had planned to send out some 13 applications but by the time I sent my 11th Application I already had a response from Maryland and it was my first accept. The next few months, were spent talking to people and knowing more about each college until I finalised "University of Michigan" in the first week of April.

15th April, the date when i20 arrived. This was now a new phase of getting loans passed, and getting things ready for Visa. The next 2 months were just spent getting the loan sorted for the billion formalities to get a sanction letter. All this while everyone in the Michigan group was talking about their Visa experiences.

10th June, I finally decided to book my flight ticket thanks to Sneha and the road was getting a lot more concrete now.

7th July, the Visa day. I was calm for I got up early and did my meditation just to make sure I don't crack at the last moment now, the interview that happened after a wait of 90 minutes, lasted no more than 15 seconds. All that anxiety and tension just flew by.

In all this, my family helped me so much, supporting me in every possible way, running around just so that I could get the loan passed and ready for Visa, if it weren't for them I wouldn't have managed to be what I am today.

I'd like to thank each and everyone of you, I'm really grateful to have met some of the best people. Thank you ^_^

P.S. Big thanks to all them Dance folks as well, you guys have made this journey more beautiful