Word List #04

Word List #04

  • Benison - Blessing
  • Bent - Determined; Natural Talent or Inclination
  • Bequeath - Leave to someone by means of will; Hand down
  • Berate - Scolding Strongly
  • Bereavement - State of being deprived of something valuable or beloved

After receiving the benison from his parents, he went out in the jungle to follow the path he was bent on since childhood. He had been bequeathed some maps from his grandpa, who used to berate him a lot. But now he was in bereavement of his love and scolding.

  • Bereft - Deprived of; Lacking
  • Berserk - Frenzied
  • Beset - Harras; Trouble
  • Besmirch - Soil; Defile
  • Bestial - Beast like; Brutal; Inhuman

As he was bereft of good education, he berserk into the forest and beset the calm ambience of the place. He reached the location finally reading from the besmirched map, that had been handed over generations. After digging for a while he found a bestial artifact.

  • Bestow - Confer
  • Betroth - Become Engaged to marry
  • Bevy - Large group
  • Bicameral - Two Chambered, as a legislative body
  • Bicker - Quarrel

He was bestowed upon by a confusing clue, but it reminded him of his cousin Rudy's betroth where he had seen the same object. Recalling where the bevy had accumulated, he recalled that it was one of the buildings of the bicameral system, the House of Representatives (Place where Ministers Bicker).

  • Biennial - Every two years
  • Bifurcated - Divided into two branches; Forked
  • Bigotry - Stubborn Intolerance
  • Bilious - Suffering from Indigestion; Irritable
  • Bilk - Swindle; Cheat

Often he used to go for biennial meets with his cousins, although the family was bifurcated during his childhood. This was because his father couldn't stand the bigotry of his brothers and found them bilious, he used to claim that they bilked him as well.

  • Bivouac - Temporary Encampment
  • Bizarre - Fantastic; Violently Contrasting
  • Blanch - Bleach; Whiten
  • Blandishment - Flattery
  • Bland - Soothing; Mild

Carrying his Bivouac with him, he left to meet his cousins. Reaching there he found that the place had changed bizarrely and he barely related to anything. The walls were Blanch, the baroque style had turned into a mix of simple and artistic. As he entered the house, blandishment was what he was offered, for the myth was the map lead to golden treasure and everyone wanted to be a part of that. Then he was offered some bland whiskey, and he readily had it.