Repeater’s Fiesta

Repeater’s Fiesta

Roasted chicken, with creamy cheese salad, served with Caffeinated drinks or Green Tea.

The repeater’s fiesta was first made in the early 20th century, when songs like Sha la la la la (Venga boys) were released having the same repetitive tune in almost all their songs. This inspired the people in India to make something that is used in almost all dishes.

So the ingredients for the “Repeater’s Fiesta” were to be decided, the contenders were as follows. 1. Potato 2. Chicken 3. Cheese 4. Assorted Vegetables 5. Masalas (Lots of them) 6. Paneer

The judging was done and two set of ingredients were chosen for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian set of customers (Paisa sab jhaga se ana chaiye). The only difference would be replacement of Chicken with Paneer as most of the Indian dishes follow, for instance Chicken Masala becomes Paneer Masala and so on. The ingredients were not selected for one of the variants of the dish

  1. Roasted Chicken / Paneer Tikka
  2. Veggies + Potato + Cheese (Salad)

To make “Repeater’s Fiesta” you’ll require the follow ingredients. 1. 5-6 Chicken Legs / 5-6 pieces of paneer 2. 3 Green Chillies 3. Ginger and Chilly masala 4. Some coriander (Let’s be vague as shit)

For the Salad you’ll need the following ingredients 1. Curd (For no reason) 2. Mashed Potato 3. Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, Beet Root or whatever you got at your place. 4. Cheese lots of cheese (preferred if its Amul and you buy from this link from where I get commission)



The hidden profits

The dish was coming at somewhere around Rs. 200 with 5 pieces of chicken and some 150gm of the salad, and the selling price that was decided was around Rs. 400 for obvious reasons. Now, the dish was to be sold in restaurant in Bandra so the cost had to a minimum of Rs. 600, so a drink was added as a combo for the increased cost and pictures of the same were clicked with a DSLR, photoshopped and added to the menu.

The drink would be a Green Tea (Hot water + Rs. 10 Typhoo Green Tea) or a Caffeinated Drink (Expresso + Milk), to further the cost of this, variants were added for the flavour of the drink, from Chocolate Topping to Lemon Grass Green Tea, so at the end the dish would cost at a minimum of Rs. 750. Repeating profits were made by the restaurants as everyone used to Repeat the dish, since the name.

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