Civilizations have changed through out the ages, from ancient Egyptians to the greek, societies have been modified over generations and yet we aim to find that ideal community to live in. A structure that satisfies the needs of all classes and religions, and somehow works in all scenarios.

A "Idyllic" community, is a happy and a peaceful community, they'll work in collaboration for not a better standard of living but instead a more happy standard of living. The mornings would begin with the kids gathering around the playground, with all their friends to do some morning exercise, the parents would go for a walk, planning about some new idea to be implemented in the community and make sure there are developments at all times.

The community would surely have a huge library, where people would be read any book they wanted, however long they wanted to. Knowledge would be at the centre of all discussion. Critical decisions would be taken not by majority but with something that brings more happiness on a community level instead of a individual level, there would be no army and everyone in their lifetime have to work for atleast 2 years in agriculture.

Food would be free for everyone, people would work for no more than 6 hours a day, starting from 9am to 12pm, then from 12pm to 2pm a community lunch and then a nap period, after which work would resume from 2pm to 5pm. It would be compulsory for people to move from their houses every 10 years, because attachment otherwise would lead to misery. Also, all houses would be handled by the community itself so that people shift without paying any additional money.

Everyone would get the equal chance of pursuing what they want to do in life, and people who perform better would be given the position, there will be no grades it will just be the output of the performance on both individual and group levels. One Sport, would be compulsory for everyone to pursue in order to maintain their physical health.

People would be free to follow their religion, and it will be taken care that religion doesn't disturb the sovereignty of the community, new ideas and knowledge from all places will be embraced in the community. There will be lectures before 9am from scholars, and people who are interested in those could pursue it.

There will be a jail, for it is not possible to completely remove the greed of humans, and even if caught the person won't be imprisoned but instead taught and made more socially acceptable for it is a given that since he didn't have a stable life, was he in the first place forced to do a crime. You'd know life around you and would get to spread the knowledge you get.

Money, will be there but not a important part of the economy as you'd get most of the things from the government itself and everyone could take a limited amount of it, so things would be better controlled and people concentrate towards knowledge over money.

But then again,

If you actually succeed in creating a utopia, you've created a world without conflict, in which everything is perfect. And if there's no conflict, there are no stories worth telling - or reading!

Veronica Roth