Beyond the Pale

Remember that day, when you finally woke up early to do that workout you always wanted to do, have that early morning breakfast, that perfect start to the day you had dreamt of.

I did something of those sorts too in the past few months, always dreamt of running consistently for long distances, so with all the excitement of a new comer I googled and read articles and got my self prepared for the running schedule. I bought "Zombie Run 5K training" slept early with the anticipation of all the joy that running would bring.

The night was much smaller than the usual ones, sleep was more like a chore than a necessity because the high had already kicked it. the opportunity I finally gave myself to run was right around the corner. The sun was just about the rise and my alarm was about to wake me up, but it wasn't the day the alarm would ring.

I was awake long before I expected and fresh as a daisy, everything was just I expected it to be. The sky was still dark and the sun was far from its domination, dogs were awake and cars were being washed. I switched the app from my iPod on and it was almost like I travelled through a wormhole to land of zombies.

There was running, a lot of running and while going under the bridges and on my way to the gardens the lights were up, the endorphin kicked in and energy seemed to flow through every inch of my body. Soon the heat had dominated the air around me, and I began to melt, the feeling was so new that I almost felt being a part of some other universe.

As I returned back to where I started from, it seemed like things had changed and people had moved on. There were kids going to school, people getting in their cars for their quotidian work, but the difference was that I had experienced something new, I had just came from "Beyond the Pale".