The ___

It could be anything material, but it will not last forever. There will be days when you'll want it more than it, some days when you'll abhor it, but it will come and go every once a while.

The circle will be complete everytime no matter you do, it is all a part of constant change or time as we call it. All of this will go away, just a matter of time.

Slow, soft, subtle you will not know how and when the changes will creep in and take over that was once successful or a failure. Be delighted at all times no matter what, for it was bound to happen today or tomorrow.

Don't read, do read. Nothing matters as long as you have a lense which shows everything positive to you, power, fame, glory, greed, all these will paint some brilliant stories in your life. Kindness will be waiting at the most unknown corners and you'll never expect.

The artifacts will be scattered all over the map, your traces will be left in every person you've met even once. You'll be a part of this universe, in some form or another.

Be. Be Happy. =)