Word List #03

Word List #03

  • Beatific - Giving Bliss; Blissful
  • Beatitude - Blessedness; State of Bliss
  • Bedizen - Dress with Vulgar Finery
  • Bedraggle - Wet thoroughly
  • Befuddle - Confused Thoroughly

The beatific sunset reminded the group of their beatitude days during industrial visits, where they would dress in a bedizen fashion and no one would care, come to their rooms bedraggled by the rains and it would be fun. They were befuddled onto what went wrong after that.

  • Beget - Father; Produce; Give rise to
  • Begrudge - To Envy or resent the pleasure of good fortune
  • Beguile - Amuse; Delude; Cheat
  • Behemoth - Huge Creature; Something of monstrous size or power
  • Beholden - Obligated; Indebted

Rocky entered the class with a frowned face begetting a scary atmosphere, people who begrudged him were appalled by this. He had beguiled himself copying from his partner, the peon who looked like a behemoth followed the orders of the instructor and took Rocky outside the examination cell even though he hated it, for he was beholden to the college for giving him a job.

  • Behoove - Be suited to; Be Incumbent upon
  • Belabour - Assail Verbally; Explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree
  • Belated - Delayed
  • Beleaguer - Lay Siege
  • Belie - Contradict; Give a false impression

The argument behooved the occasion, where in the student belaboured to explain his point to the teacher and belated the lecture by 20 minutes. This was a beleaguer for the teacher as she had belied the students regarding granting extra marks.

  • Belittle - Disparage
  • Bellicose - Warlike
  • Belligerent - Quarrelsome
  • Bemused - Confused; Lost in Thought; Preoccupied
  • Benediction - Blessing

He felt belittled among the college crowd, the bellicose mood and belligerent people were bemused with arguing over small things. It was a benediction that I got transferred from college soon after that.

  • Benefactor - Gift Giver; Patron
  • Beneficent - Kindly; Good Going
  • Beneficiary - Person entitled to benefits or proceeds of a insurance policy
  • Benevolent - Generous; Charitable
  • Benign - Kindly; Favourable; Not Malignant

In the new college I had a benefactor on the first day who gave me a rose. The beneficent lady who gave me was none other than the beneficiary of my parents and my caretaker. The benevolent lady was my mum's childhood friend. Everyone in the college had benign nature, which made me love the college.