Moving ahead

“When you're going through hell, keep going.” - Winston Churchill

This week had a lot of learning involved and a lot of panic situations, from attending day long meetings to giving sessions on gamification the whole thing was something new. Accompanied with this was my new personal running records.


The whole day was spent at a meeting, we expected to reach office prior to days end but the discussions ended up being so long that all plans had to be changed, and we ended up going home directly. A lot of things were cleared on the project though, things to be accomplished deadlines and so on for both design and development team.


This was the day I published Laravel 5.0 & TDD Environment with Laravel Elixir explaining the steps and the problems I faced in the whole process.


It started brilliantly with me finding another tutorial from codrops, the share button really caught my eye and so I decided to use it on my website. If you notice I already have a couple of effects made by these guys on my website. But I didn't add it till Saturday so well.


Oh this was a day when actual brainstorm was involved, so we finally decided on a format of data that we'll be following in the project and we had to create a parser, which converts a nested-object to a variable for instance

"awesome": {
   "yay": 32

should become something like awesome_yay: 32 so I had to make a recursive function and as I got caught up in finding a solution, I was confused and had to as help from Tanay and Shoaib and they helped me design the brilliant recursive function that does the whole thing. (The image in the display is what Tanay worked out).


I came in late on Friday cause I had to visit some banks for financial purposes, (preparing for my journey to US) as I turned in I was encountered by Deven listing down problems that have been haunting one of your projects so I had to take some calls and make some API's on the spot. I had a discussion session aligned at the day end for everyone so it was necessary for me to prepare a little. To make things more interesting I ordered some chips and arranged coffee for everyone so that time isn't wasted, was aiming to give it more of a casual feel. The lecture was over and everyone seemed happy, which was a delight but I did realize things could have been prepared better and that I need to go slow.


As I specified earlier I had been running this week, well it went from good to better. Week 4 of Zombie run added gave a boost to my level of running and increasing the distance I cover and the amount of time I run both.

I'm hoping to do 10km by the next week.


Other things that might come up, there is Lindy Hop starting from 19th March. I'm planning to join it and learn to dance finally, for which I might have to go and get new dance shoes sometime in the coming week. Still haven't decided which university to accept, the current status is as below.

Admits University of Michigan - Ann, Arbor University of Maryland - College Park Indian University, Bloomington

Rejects Carnegie Mellon University Georgia Institute of Technology University of Washington, Seattle San Diego State University

Awaiting University of California, San Diego University of California, Irvine University of Souther California Arizona State University