Word List #02

  • Badinage - Teasing Conversation
  • Baffle - Frustrate; Perplex
  • Bait - Harras; Tease
  • Baleful - Menacing; Deadly
  • Balk - Foil; Hesitate; Thwart or Hinder;

As the valentine's day arrived all the classmates began badinage with the new couple of the class, which wasn't baffling. This made the guy a bait in from of his friends, that could lead to some baleful outcomes if his parents got a idea of this. The guy tried to balk this by behaving normally irrespective of what his friends said.

  • Balk - Stoop short; Faced with an obstacle and refused to continue
  • Ballast - Heavy substance used to add stability or weight
  • Balmy - Mild; Fragrant
  • Balm - Something that relieves pain
  • Banal - Commonplace; Trite; Lacking originality

She balked to go out with him, as it was a huge risk but somehow the balmy wind helped her set the mood for the evening. The guy didn't want to act as a banal so he took her out to a new place, somewhere that could act as a balm from all the college hassle. The place was a amazing boat restaurant with ballast by it sides.

  • Bandy - Discuss Lightly; Exchange Blows or Words
  • Bane - Cause of Ruin
  • Bantering - Playfully and friendly exchanging of teasing remarks
  • Barb - Sharp project from the fish hook; Pointed Comment
  • Bard - Poet

The two were shy to bandy about anything, this was the bane of the evening. Slowly the boy started with some bantering about her sartorial appearance which acted as a barb and ended up upsetting her. Few moments later the bard looking at the young couple and recited a poem that helped restore the romantic mood.

  • Barefaced - Shameless; Bold; Unconcealed
  • Baroque - Highly Ornate
  • Barrage - Barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming Profusion
  • Barrister - Counsellor at law
  • Barterer - Trader

Soon the waiter came up to the table and in a very barefaced tone enquired about the order, which was odd looking at the baroque architecture of the place something better was expected. There was a barrage set close to hotel, for it was owned by one of the ministers, who was known to be barterer of illegal activities in the area and also had some barristers cover for these activities.

  • Bask - Luxuriate; Take pleasure in the warmth
  • Bastion - Stronghold; Something seen as a source of protection
  • Bate - Let down, restrain
  • Bauble - Trinket; Trifle
  • Bawdy - Indecent; Obscene

The couple began to bask, midst of the amazing ambience. The bastion outside the hotel didn't make a difference to them. The young couple were avid, but they had to bate their excitement for one wrong move their life would be cataclysmic. They were cherishing the bauble lights that turned on as the sun went off. They soon notice some bawdy people drinking on a table not too far from them, that could spoil the setting.